Focus on… the Community Cafe

Focus on… the Community Cafe

You may have seen in the Journal recently, that the Community Café has launched the ’Breakfast Club’ scheme. In 2004, Mark Nicholson came to the Open Door Centre, homeless and an addict. In 2007, following a successful stay in rehab, he moved to Bulawayo, Zimbabwe where he married Dorcas and together they have welcomed 11 children into their family.  Mark is such an inspiration. The way he has turned his life around is incredible.

So when we heard that Mark and Dorcas had responded to a need at their local school and were feeding up to 150 malnourished children every day, we wanted to help so we launched the opportunity for café customers to donate 50p to The Breakfast Club when they order either a Lite (£2), a Full English (£3) or a Healthy Breakfast (£3).

We purposely keep our prices low at Open Door, so we hope that many of our customers will feel able to give back by adding the 50p donation. It will of course be entirely optional with no pressure to, just an option if people want to. We hope to raise around £50 per month to send to Mark and Dorcas’ Breakfast Club, which we know will make a real difference.

As of this month, there is also now a monthly Royal British Legion drop in, on the first Wednesday of every month from 10am til 1pm. If you know anyone that could do with their support, please do let them know.

And finally, we had the lovely news that one of our café volunteers has just had a baby! Congratulations Rob and Ali – the first Open Door Café baby!!

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