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We have just found out that an incredible £8289.98 has been raised for Haven through the Co-op Local Community Fund! So for all those Co-op members who chose to support Open Door – Haven over the past year, and for all those who signed up to Co-op membership, just so they could support us – THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Read on to see the difference that your support makes…

Haven runs a fortnightly group for primary and secondary aged children who are struggling with their emotional wellbeing. With games, cooking, activities to boost confidence and self-esteem, activities based on art therapy principles and a safe space to offload about their day or week, Haven seeks to be a nurturing and equipping environment to understand more about their mental health and ways to keep mentally and physically healthy.

Haven also runs a respite group for young carers similar to our youth sessions with added nurture time to recognise the demands that are often placed upon them and to give them some quality self care.

Our monthly parent peer support group and our parent carer support café meets to empower and equip parents to understand their child’s struggles/needs through training, information sharing and a safe space to offload and vent with others who understand their daily struggles as well as helping with signposting and navigating the system.

We see children as young as 8 with eating disorders, anxiety, experiencing panic attacks and self-harming. It breaks your heart but we are so proud to say that the project is making a huge difference:

47 children and 31 parents supported in the last year

6 children who were completely anxiety based school refusing when they first started coming to us are now back in some form of mainstream education.

14 children, after receiving support from Haven, felt strong enough to move on from the project to attend local youth/interest groups instead.

6 families have now had diagnoses of special educational needs meaning they can now access the support they need and deserve.

2 young people who were attending our secondary group, have moved on, and are now helping in our primary group as junior leaders!


Finally, a few words from those directly benefitting…

“I’m very, very grateful to the Haven team for the support, guidance, advice and time they have given not only to both my children, but to me too.”

“My son really looks forward to Haven and gets so much from the sessions. He often talks about the circle time and what he has learnt or thought about that week. I want to say thank you. Haven has been brilliant for him. It’s helped him during difficult times and is supporting his mental health by providing a safe space, trusted adults and a whole range of strategies to try.”

“The young carers group has been invaluable to my daughter. My son has autism and won’t leave the house so these sessions that my daughter goes to have been amazing for her. The work Haven does with our children is outstanding.”

Girl, aged 8. “I wish I could go to Haven everyday.”


So, on behalf of our team and all the families we are working with, thank you SO much for choosing to support Haven through the Co-op Local Community Fund. We are truly grateful!


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