Christmas and New Years Eve (don’t worry, 2016 not 2017

Christmas and New Years Eve (don’t worry, 2016 not 2017

It seems like quite a while ago now but we just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to all those who came and volunteered at our Christmas Day meal.

We served over 50 meals to our guests, many of whom would otherwise have had nowhere to go or no one to spend Christmas Day with. The team did a wonderful job from the decorations, to the carols tunefully accompanied by ukulele (!), the delicious three course Christmas dinner, and of course, the lovely company. Thank you all.

Then on New Years Eve, our wonderful Nightshift team were out until 3am helping anyone in need, and supporting the emergency services and the cctv team. They were able to help with several incidents, including bringing a young lad back to Open Door to sober up so he could get home safely without having to call 999, and helping a women get to a place of safety and calling 999, as she needed medical attention. Amongst all that, they also safely disposed of 140 bottles, helping to keep the streets safe. What a team!!

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