#I’mInspired, a few words from Helen

I really enjoy being asked to speak about the work of Open Door, at churches, interest groups, other agencies and organisations. Anywhere that’ll have me! I’m always happy to talk about our projects, our history, and our plans for the future, but what really inspires me is sharing stories about the impact that we make, feedback we’ve received from people for whom we really have made a difference. And the beauty of this job is that I hear something that inspires me pretty much every day! From the volunteer who told me, ‘this place has brought me back to life,’ to the café client who said, ‘In coming back to Exmouth, I came straight to Open Door. It was the place where I knew I was safe and wouldn’t be judged.’ From hearing my staff talk with so much care and compassion about the people with whom they are working, you know that this is so much more than a job to them, to the lady who at the launch of the new Men’s Shed workshop told me what a huge difference Men’s Shed had made to her partner, giving him purpose, friendship and laughter back after a series of serious health problems

If you’ve been inspired by ANYTHING relating to Open Door, please share it! On our facebook page, or by emailing me at helen@opendoorexmouth.org.uk. Let’s share the inspiration!

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